Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

TAG simplifies FSA management, helping you navigate healthcare expenses efficiently while benefiting from potential tax advantages. Our straightforward approach puts you in control, ensuring a hassle-free experience for handling out of pocket medical costs. Experience the ease and flexibility of managing your healthcare finances with TAG.

An FSA through TAG allows participants to pay for qualified health and dependent care expenses with pre-tax money by setting aside a certain amount of their paycheck into an FSA prior to paying income taxes. By using an FSA to pay for you and your family’s eligible expenses you could save over 30 percent on items such as braces, eyeglasses, co-payments, prescriptions, dental and vision care, chiropractic care and even everyday over-the-counter medicines.

View a comprehensive list of FSA eligible Expenses

Payroll Check Comparison…

Payroll Check Example Without TAG With TAG
Gross Monthly Pay $3,000 $3,000
Less pre-tax expenses:
Insurance premiums .00 (100)
Unreimbursed .00 (100)
Dependent care .00 (200)
Taxable Pay $3,000 $2,600
Less taxes:
Federal & state (600) (520)
Social security (FICA) (230) (200)
Net Pay $2,170 $1,880
Less expenses not pre-
Insurance premiums (100) .00
Unreimbursed (100) .00
Dependent care (200) .00
Net Spendable Income $1,770 $1,880
Monthly Savings $110
Annual Savings $1,320

* Example given is based on a California resident filing as married with one dependent

Use our online FSA savings calculator to calculate your savings.