FSA Eligible Expenses

Eligible Health Care Expenses

A Healthcare FSA is a valuable tool for managing your medical expenses smartly. With an HCFSA, you can allocate pre-tax dollars to cover eligible healthcare costs like copayments, prescriptions, and medical supplies. This results in immediate tax savings, putting more money back into your pocket. TAG’s user-friendly platform simplifies the process, allowing you to seamlessly plan and budget for healthcare needs.

Product or Service Eligible
Acne treatments Yes*
Acupuncture Yes*
Adoption Expenses (medically related) Yes
Adoption fees No
Alcoholism treatment Yes
Allergy & sinus medicine and products Yes*
Allergy treatments and products Yes*
Alternative dietary supplements Yes*
Alternative healing Yes*
Ambulance and emergency health services Yes
Anesthesia (non-cosmetic) Yes
Antacid Yes*
Antibiotic ointment Yes*
Aspirin or other pain reliever Yes*
Asthma medicines or treatments Yes*
Athletic treatments / braces Yes
Bandages and similar items Yes
Birth control Yes
Blood pressure monitor Yes
Body scans Yes
Braille books and magazines Yes*
Breastfeeding classes No
Breast pump Yes*
Breast reconstruction surgery Yes*
COBRA premiums (medical, dental, vision) No
Cancer insurance premiums No
Canker & cold sore treatments Yes*
Car modifications (medically related) Yes*
Chest rubs Yes*
Child or newborn care instruction No
Childbirth classes Yes
Chiropractic office visit or treatment Yes
Cholesterol test kits and supplies Yes
Co-insurance (medical, dental, vision) Yes
Co-payments (medical, dental, vision) Yes
Cold & flu medicine Yes*
Condoms and spermicidal products Yes
Contact lenses, cleaning solutions, etc. Yes
Contraceptives Yes
Cord blood storage Yes*
Corn and callus remover Yes
Corneal keratotomy Yes
Cosmetic procedures or surgery No
Cough drops & sore throat lozenges Yes*
Cough syrup Yes*
Counseling Yes*
CPR classes No
Crutches, canes, walkers or like equipment Yes
Deductible (medical, vision or dental) Yes
Dental care Yes
Dental co-insurance Yes
Dental co-payment Yes
Dental reconstruction Yes
Dental veneers Yes*
Dentures, bridges, etc. Yes
Diabetic monitors, test kits, strips and supplies Yes
Diagnostic services Yes
Diaper rash ointments and creams Yes*
Diapers and diaper services No
Dietary supplements Yes*
Doula or birthing coach No
Drug addiction treatment Yes
Dyslexia treatment Yes
Ear drops & wax removal Yes*
Educational classes or tuition No
Electrolysis No
Emergency kits No
Exercise equipment Yes*
Eye examinations Yes
Eye surgery Yes
Eyeglasses Yes
Face lifts No
Feminine hygiene products No
Fertility monitor Yes
Fertility treatment Yes
First aid kits Yes
Fitness programs Yes*
Flu shots Yes
Funeral expenses No
Gastrointestinal medication Yes*
Guide dog (training & care) Yes
Hair regrowth products No
Hair removal No
Hair transplant No
Hair treatments No
Hand lotion No
Health club dues Yes*
Hearing aids and batteries Yes
Home improvements Yes*
Hospital services and fees Yes
Humidifier, air filter and supplies Yes*
Immunizations Yes
Incontinence supplies Yes
Infertility treatment Yes
Insulin, testing materials and supplies Yes
Laboratory fees Yes
Lactose intolerance products Yes*
Lamaze classes Yes
Laser eye surgery Yes
Lasik Yes
Laxatives Yes*
Learning disability treatments Yes
Lice treatment Yes
Listening therapy Yes
Lodging (medically related) Yes*
Long term care services No
Long term disability insurance premiums No
Magnetic therapy No
Marriage counseling No
Massage therapy Yes*
Mastectomy-related special bras Yes
Maternity clothes No
Medical abortion Yes
Medical co-insurance Yes
Medical co-payment Yes
Medical equipment Yes
Medical monitoring and testing devices Yes
Medical records charges Yes
Medicare insurance/ premiums No
Midwife Yes
Mileage (medically related) Yes*
Monitors & test kits Yes
Motion & nausea medication Yes*
Nasal sprays Yes*
Nasal strips Yes
Norplant insertion or removal Yes
Nursing services Yes
Nutritional supplements Yes*
OB/GYN fees Yes
Occlusal guards Yes
Occupational therapy Yes
Office visits (medically related) Yes
Operations (non-cosmetic) Yes
Optometrist / ophthalmologist fees Yes
Organ transplants Yes
Orthotics Yes
Ortho keratotomy Yes
Orthodontia Yes
Orthopedic and surgical supports Yes
Orthopedic shoes and inserts Yes*
Ovulation monitor Yes
Oxygen Yes
Pain reliever Yes*
Physical exams Yes
Physical therapy Yes
Physician retainer fee No
Pregnancy tests Yes
Prescription co-insurance Yes
Prescription co-payment Yes
Propecia Yes*
Prosthesis Yes
Psychiatric care Yes
Psychoanalysis Yes
Psychologist fees Yes
Radial keratotomy (RK) Yes
Reading glasses Yes
Reconstructive surgery Yes*
Removal of benign mole, cyst or tumor Yes
Retin-A Yes*
Rogaine No
Smoking cessation products/ programs Yes
Special equipment Yes*
Special foods Yes*
Special school fees Yes*
Speech therapy Yes
Sterilization Yes
Sunglasses (over-the-counter) No
Sunglasses (prescription) Yes
Sunscreen Yes
Surgery (non-cosmetic) Yes
Swimming lessons Yes*
Teeth bleaching or whitening No
Teeth grinding prevention devices Yes
Therapy Yes*
Toothache and teething pain reliever Yes*
Toothpaste, toothbrush, floss No
Transgender surgery No
Transportation Costs (for medical purpose) Yes
Tubal ligation Yes
Tuition or educational classes No
Urological products Yes
UV protection clothing No
Vaccinations Yes
Varicose vein removal surgery Yes
Vasectomy Yes
Viagra Yes*
Vision co-insurance Yes
Vision co-payment Yes
Vitamins Yes*
Walking aids Yes
Wart removal treatments Yes
Weight loss program Yes*
Wheelchair and repairs Yes
Wound care Yes
X-ray fees Yes

* Physician’s statement may be required for claim approval.

FSA Reimbursement Options

Online: use your participant login to submit a claim for reimbursement Fax: Complete a reimbursement request form and send to (877)561.1661 along with your receipt of purchase. Mail: Complete a reimbursement request form and send to 43471 Ridge Park Drive, Suite B Temecula CA 92590

The Tag Benefit Card

TAG’s benefit card is an easy and convenient way to use your FSA dollars for qualified purchases. The take care benefit card functions just like any debit or credit card and works anywhere Visa is accepted, to pay for qualifying expenses. Participants do not need to submit for reimbursement and have immediate access to the money in their FSA. Important: Keep all of your receipts! In the event that TAG needs to verify eligible expenses purchased with your card, it is important that all receipts are kept for the entire plan year.

Please contact a TAG representative for additional details about pre-taxing your dependent care expenses.