Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA)

TAG’s HRA administration empowers employers to support their employees’ healthcare needs, by covering essential medical expenses with tax advantaged benefits. This flexible solution allows employers to tailor healthcare plans to meet the unique requirements of their workforce. TAG’s user-friendly platform streamlines HRA administration, ensuring a smooth process for tracking, submitting, and managing defined healthcare expenses.

Group Coverage HRA

A group coverage HRA is designed to complement your organizations health plans by allowing employers to contribute funds for employee out-of-pocket medical expenses. This coordination provides a practical solution, integrating insurance coverage with financial support. TAG’s user-friendly platform simplifies administration, enabling easy customization for employers and straightforward expense management for employees.

Individual Coverage HRA

An individual coverage HRA, aka ICHRA, supports individuals by allowing employers to contribute funds for employees to obtain health coverage from the individual markets. TAG’s user-friendly platform ensures a seamless experience and leverages tax benefits of an HRA for cost-effective healthcare.

Specialty HRAs

Unlock tailored healthcare solutions by designing an HRA that strategically allocates pre-tax dollars for specialized healthcare costs. TAG’s HRA seamlessly integrates with essential health care areas, providing a flexible approach to managing fertility treatments, dental check-ups, vision care and more. Navigate the intricacies of healthcare finance effortlessly with TAG’s user-friendly platform, offering a personalized and comprehensive solution for optimizing your health and financial well-being.