Voluntary Benefits (VB)

Quality Voluntary Benefits

How do we provide access to superior voluntary benefits?

Today’s market place offers a variety of voluntary benefit products, underwritten by numerous carriers.  It can be a major challenge for our partners to find quality voluntary benefits for their employees. As an independent, third-party provider we thoroughly evaluate and compare benefits from the leading carriers in the voluntary market and bring them directly to our clients. This provides employers with assurance that their employees have access to the most competitive voluntary benefits available.

Product Evaluation

How do we determine which voluntary products are the most competitive?

Voluntary benefits are evaluated using criteria including, but not limited to: premium rates, benefit amounts, benefit durations, benefit requirements & limitations, and carrier ratings. We maintain an unbiased stance with all carriers, allowing us to promote only the highest quality products for our clients.

Billing & Reconciliation

To ensure and maintain accuracy, we administer the billing for all voluntary products elected by an employer group. By reconciling each invoice to a company payroll report, accurate billing and accurate deductions are consistently maintained.

In addition, all billing questions are reported to a dedicated account service specialist, providing immediate attention to any and all inquiries.